Tallink discounts

Passenger ticket - deck ticket, Star Class, Star Comfort Class, Business Lounge
One way -20%
Roundtrip (on different days) up to -28%

Car package (passenger + vehicle)
Passenger ticket
One way up to -28%
Roundtrip (on different days) up to -32%
Vehicle ticket (CAR, VAN, VAN High) -20%

Passenger ticket (without car)
One way (all cabin categories, except shared cabin) -20%

Car package (passenger + vehicle)
Cabin One way (all cabin categories, except shared cabin) -40%
Vehicle ticket (CAR, VAN, VAN High, vehicle with a treiler) one way -20%


Offer is valid:
booking period 05.11.2018-17.06.2019.
traveling period 11.06.2019-17.06.2019.

Online booking steps for individual travelers:
1. Go to our website www.tallink.com and choose your location.
2. Please select route, date and time of departure.
3. Then on the right-hand box «Company customer» please enter discount code 132505 which provides a price with the discount.
4. After that please fill in your contact and passenger details.
5. If you agree then press «Buy» button and you can pay for the booking.

For group travelers (10 and more passengers in the booking) – please contact our group department by providing discount code 132505
In Estonia via e-mail grupid@tallink.ee
In Finland +358 1080 4123 or through internet link http://www.tallinksilja.com/fi/web/fi/kokous-ja-ryhmamatkat-tarjous-varauspyynto
In Sweden +46 822 0830 or through internet link https://www.tallinksilja.se/grupp-konferens-kontakt