Postgraduate courses

All postgraduate courses take place on 12 June in the congress venue.

Late final super-reduced onsite sale fee is 75 €
The fee includes lunch and/or coffee breaks on-site (not guaranteed for onsite registrees), depending on the duration of the selected PG course.

NB! Please note that different PG courses start at different times.

Postgraduate Course 1
Postgraduate Course 1 Scoring of Sleep Studies / Non-invasive Ventilation

Time:    10:30-18:00
Room:   Small Hall (Floor 0) 

PART I. Scoring of respiratory polygraphy

Erna Sif Arnardotttir, Reykjavik University, Iceland


Scoring of respiratory polygraphy

PART II. Non-invasive ventilation

Erve Sõõru, North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonia


Welcome and introduction

Anne-Marie Gabrielsen, Vestfold Hospital Trust, Norway

NIV in acute respiratory diseases

Eva Lindberg, Uppsala University, Sweden

NIV in stable COPD

Practical workshop Workstations and NIV devices provided by ResMed and Philips Respironics
Ove Arne Fondenes, University of Bergen, Norway NIV in obesity hypoventilation syndrome
Ludger Grote, University of Gothenburg, Sweden NIV and neuromuscular diseases

Eline Gantzhorn, Vejle Hospital, Lillebaelt University Hospital, Denmark

Danish guidelines for home NIV

Ulla Anttalainen, Turku University Hospital, Finland

NIV and telemedicine – clinical experiences in Turku

Practical workshop

Presentation introducing the NIV devices by ResMed and Philips Respironics

Erve Sõõru, North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonia

Central sleep apnea and CheyneStokes breathing: dilemmas and treatment

Discussion and concluding remarks  

Postgraduate Course 2
Postgraduate Course 2 Severe Asthma

Time:   13:00-18:00
Room:  Terrace Hall (Floor 2)

Organised by The Nordic Severe Asthma Network (NSAN): an educational event by the NSAN

Chairs: Celeste Porsbjerg, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 
Lauri Lehtimäki, University of Tampere, Finland

Lauri Lehtimäki, University of Tampere, Finland Welcome and introduction

Celeste Porsbjerg, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Severe asthma: A short overview of the prevalence and impact + the ”3 steps” in systematic assessment

Case session I

Cases presented by Celeste Porsbjerg

Jussi Karjalainen, Tampere University Hospital, Finland

Systematic assessment of severe asthma: ”Step 1”: Diagnosis, phenotypes, differential diagnosis

Case session II

Cases presented by Jussi Karjalainen

​Anna von Bülow, Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark

Systematic assessment of severe asthma: ”Step 2”: Treatment barriers: Patient education, adherence, inhalation technique

Case session III

Cases presented by Anna von Bülow

Unnur Steina Björnsdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland

Systematic assessment of severe asthma: ”Step 3”: Triggers: Exposures and co-morbidities

Birger N. Lærum, Norwegian Association for Heart and Lung Patients, Norway

Management of severe asthma: phenotype-specific treatment

Celeste Porsbjerg, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Concluding remarks and evaluation of the course

Postgraduate Course 3
Postgraduate Course 3 Interventional Bronchoscopy

Time:  13:30-18:00
Room: Woodblock Hall (Floor 2)

Toomas Uibu, University of Tampere, Finland.

PG course opening

Jukka Randell, Kuopio University Hospital, Finland

EBUS and lung cancer staging

Toomas Uibu

Bronchial navigation and sampling in radial EBUS

Michael Perch, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark How to do it: Endobronchial valves
Jukka Randell How to do it: Cryobiopsies


4 parallel hands-on stations (30 min each)


Workstations and bronchoscopes provided by OLYMPUS ESTONIA / OLYMPUS
Cryoscope provided by ARBOR MEDICAL / ERBE
Model and valves provided by PULMONX

Sulev Meriste, Tartu University Hospital, Estonia

Kristel Genergard, North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonia

Linear EBUS

Michael Perch

Endobronchial valves

Jukka Randell

Peripheral cryobiopsy

Toomas Uibu

Radial EBUS

Postgraduate Course 4
Postgraduate Course 4 Tuberculosis
Time:   13:30-18:00
Room:  D Hall (Floor 1)

Liga Kuksa, Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, Latvia

Clinical drug-resistant TB patient management, how to adopt the new WHO recommendations: challenges and obstacles

Hanna Soini, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland

Diagnosis of drug-resistant TB: current techniques and new for future

Manfred Danilovitš, Tartu University Hospital, Estonia

Use of updated M/XDRTB regimens: Estonian experience

Tuula Vasankari, Finnish Lung Health Association, Finland

MDR TB treatment in Finland, special reference to treatment expert group

Lea Pehme, Tartu University Hospital, Estonia

Case studies ̶ challenges to diagnose and treat