Poster presentation guidelines

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions at the Nordic Lung Congress will be a combination of a short poster introduction by one of the authors followed by Q&A chaired by a member of NLC committee.

Poster sessions will take place during coffee breaks in the posters area on floor 0.

Poster Session I      Thursday, 13 June     14:30–15:00
Poster Session II     Friday, 14 June          10:30–11:00
The authors are individually informed about their specific poster session time.

Mounting and dismounting

The poster area will be marked so you will find out where to mount your poster upon arrival.
You will be able to mount your poster starting from June 12, the area will be open at all times. Please mount the poster as soon as possible after arrival.
All posters should be dismounted by 14:00 on Friday at the latest.

Posters will be mounted using double-sided removable adhesive tape, provided by the organiser. Please do not print your poster on textile, vinyl or too heavy paper.
Poster cases can be stored if the case is properly labelled. You can hand the poster case to the staff at the registration desk and then ask for it there when you would like to get it back.

Paper poster size

The maximum size enabled for your poster is 950 mm (horizontal) x 1,400 mm (vertical). Please choose a suitable format for your poster.
Please do not print your poster on textile, vinyl or too heavy paper.


Poster printing service

The organiser is offering to print your poster and deliver it to the poster area prior your arrival.
The fee for printing the poster is 30€ payable upon arrival at the information desk. 

Only print-ready composite PDF files can be printed.
We will not make any corrections to the file. The author is solely responsible for preparing the file.

Send the file to via any large file transfer service.
Printing service takes 2 working days to complete. Please send the files in good time.

Preparing the poster file for printing

When saving or converting your poster file to PDF, choose PDF/X-1a standard.
Embed all used fonts. If your chosen font cannot be embedded, choose the option to save the text as bitmap.
Images must be with at least 250 dpi resolution. (This means that the image file should have at least 100 pixels per every cm of the planned printed picture. So a file of 700x200px can only be sharp when printed out as 7 x 2 cm). 300 dpi resolution would be optimal.